SMC and FRP are  thermoset plastic composites constructed of many combinations of resins, organic fillers, and fiberglass reinforcements engineered to achieve a desired performance from the product being produced. These plastics  characterized by their high shock durability, low weight and stands out with their high  resistance to chemical and mechanical impacts.

All products have relevant certificates of conformity to  European Union norms and to sanitary and hygienic standards of the Russian Federation.

SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) – the sheet fiberglass processed on the hi-tech equipment by casting under pressure or by method of direct pressing.
The method of direct hot pressing fluid pre-pregs (SMC technology) allow to make  large batches of products of complex geometry. Pre-preg is processed into final product by means of automatic hydraulic presses.
This technology is the advanced and high-performance way of production of details from fiberglass composites.
The cycle of production of a detail on average doesn't exceed five minutes. At the same time products are strong, uniformed in volume, with high quality surface.
Besides, reduction of  production costs   makes SMC products available to wide range of  consumers.


FRP / GRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer / Glass fiber Reinforced Polymer) – reflects more general  approach to manufacture of fibreglass . Due to considerable participation of a manpower,  FRP  is rather resource-consuming technology and the cost of finite product is slightly more higher in comparison with SMC. However, it has the advantages in creation of products of irregular shape.

S/S (Stainless steel)…. Stainless steel doesn't need  a specific presentation.  It is the most aesthetic and most anti-vandal material.