Modules, represent a set of parts and elements ready to assembly and are completed with a set of necessary sanitary appliances and accessories (basin, w/c, shower stand, taps, mirrors, lighting and ventilation equipment, holders of towels and toilet paper, a shower curtain).

In spite of the fact, that the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, it is the most resource-demanding element of equipment in regard of provision  waterproofing, ensuring high-quality lining of communications, finishing with small piece  elements, as well as of quality control of the performed works.

The use of off-site bathroom units  will preserve you from a number of difficulties and will bring considerable benefits.

Advantages of modular bathrooms, in comparison with traditional technologies are given below:

Each model is a complete set of the prepared parts and elements, in this regard there is no need to complete sets with additional elements (except  in need of improving of operational qualities. At the request of the client, additional options are available).


Considering complex costs for the construction of  the bathroom using  wet processes and  small parts cladding elements, the finite price of the plastic module including  installation, is comparable and competitive

Absence of wet and dusty processes during assembling reduce time for cleaning of the working place and utilization of a large number of waste, which usually occurs when using traditional building methods for bathrooms



High labor productivity at installation of  module (4-6 hours) is a major time-saving factor for objects with short deadlines. The assembly instruction doesn't demand long studying and is easy for understanding  . As a result, it does not require involvement of highly skilled personnel on assembly performance and also constant supervision control .

*Responsible works on connection with mains have to be performed by qualified specialists


Details and joints of a module provide reliable connections and allow to reduce expenses on  arrangement of  floor base waterproofing.


Maintenance access hatches inside the module provides service  execution directly from  cabin and does not affect adjacent modules and other premises


Elements of plumbing fixtures are maintainable and compatible to the local market analogues

Essential reduction of costs on transportation, loading and unloading due to  small weight and compact packing of module elements  (e.g.: The ready bathrooms made of light concrete,  have the weight -2500 kg, in comparison with the same by the size modules made of plastics weighing 450 kg




Besides,  module isn't a structural part of a construction and can be fitted in any building made of any material.

Thus, a scope of applications covers all objects in which a person can stay  -  hotels, apartments, objects of  construction and  refurbishment, modular buildings, hospitals, prefabricated houses, containers, transport, etc.